Buckhead Storage Made Simple

Free pick-up. Online inventory. On-Demand Delivery.

How It Works

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We pick up your packed boxes and other stuff you want to store.

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We store your items safely and securely.

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You order back anything you want from your online visual catalog.

Flexible Pricing Options

Pickup: FREE | Delivery: Starting at $20


5x5 Storage Space



5x10 Storage Space



5x15 Storage Space



10x10 Storage Space



10x12.5 Storage Space



10x15 Storage Space



10x20 Storage Space



10x25 Storage Space


Included in your monthly rate

  • Free Pickup
  • Pickup - Labor
  • Pickup - Truck & Transportation
  • Industrial Grade Storage Bins
  • Complimentary Insurance - $500
  • Transparent Pricing & Fees

Not sure which plan is right for you or don't see your desired plan? Speak to a moving and storage expert to find the space you need.

Call 844-976-7837

Like Ordering from your Favorite Catalog

MyPorter photographs and organizes your items in an online inventory. Choose one or all of your items and we'll have them back safe and sound.

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MyPorter VS. The Alternatives

MyPorter is the future of storage, with door-to-door pickup and killer customer service, all in an easy to use online platform. We are always striving to bring more to the table, why choose anything else?

MyPorter Traditional Self-Storage Portable Storage Containers
Free Pickup At Your Door
Free Packing Bins Delivered Before Your Move
Visual Online Catalog of All Stored Items
Order Item Re-Delivery From Your Couch
No Sneaky Admin or Processing Fees
No Unnecessary Equipment At Your Home

Professional. Courteous. Respectful.

MyPorter believes that moving and storage doesn't have to be difficult. Our teams will always treat you and your belongings with the upmost respect and professionalism. But don't take our word for it...

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Michelle T.

5 stars 43691e33003ca5a916612c927f8b38d2c02d14549e8e36328ea84c671cd3caa9

Very impressed with the professionalism, efficiency and friendliness of MyPorter. Cool business model whose time has definitely come. MyPorter turned out to be the perfect solution. Highly recommend them!

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Fidelia E.

5 stars 43691e33003ca5a916612c927f8b38d2c02d14549e8e36328ea84c671cd3caa9

This is a company that adds kindness, empathy, honesty and professionalism to the efficient service they give to their clients. I give them FIVE STARS!

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Nalini M.

5 stars 43691e33003ca5a916612c927f8b38d2c02d14549e8e36328ea84c671cd3caa9

They answered all my queries patiently and sincerely even on repeated calls. On the day of, three members arrived on time as promised...They took things out of the house in a very organized and smooth way. Extremely sincere, hardworking and professional group.


MyPorter was founded in Atlanta with a vision of reinventing the way you store your stuff - effortlessly. We bring a new level of customer service to the storage industry by creating the easiest personal storage option possible.

We provide free bins to hold your goods, free pick-up of anything you need to store, and prompt re-delivery of your items, with the option for same day delivery.

You can view all of your items with our photo-inventory feature in your online profile and rest easy knowing they are a mere click away from being returned to your doorstep.

You now have an attic in the cloud. Your stuff, on demand.


Schedule a pick-up date and time in your profile, after you sign up here. Or call us at 844-9-PORTER (844-976-7837) and we can schedule your pick-up up over the phone.

We take your bins, boxes, furniture, and other items to our secure warehouse. When you need some or all of your items delivered, simply go online and request a delivery!

Relax and enjoy all that newfound space you have, knowing access to your stuff is only a click away!

Currently, we are serving the Greater Metro-Atlanta area including the following markets:

- Atlantic Station
- Brookhaven
- Buckhead
- Chamblee
- Decatur
- Downtown
- Druid Hills
- Dunwoody
- East Atlanta
- East Lake
- Edgewood
- Emory
- Grant Park
- Inman Park
- Kennesaw
- Kirkwood
- Lakewood Heights
- Little Five Points
- Marietta
- Midtown
- North Druid Hills
- Northeast Atlanta
- Roswell
- Sandy Springs
- Smyrna
- Sylvan Hills
- Vinings
- Virigina Highlands
- Windsor Heights

To see if we serve your area, sign up and enter your zip code. If we don't we will be there soon! Promise.

Incredible service as always!

The evening before your pick-up you will receive an email confirming your pick-up time slot, the address we will be coming to, and a list of the items we will be picking up for storage.

30 minutes before our porters arrive, the team lead will text you to let you know the exact time of arrival.

Upon reaching your home, our porters will make a physical inventory list of all of your items for you to review and sign.

All items will then be carefully arranged in our vehicle, any fragile or easily damageable items will be wrapped, and your items will be safely transported to our warehouse.

Upon arrival at our warehouse, your items will be individually photographed and uploaded to your online inventory along with any descriptions and notes from your physical inventory sheet.

We don't like surprises at MyPorter and we aren't going to bring up a fee buried in our Terms of Service that you may not have reviewed thoroughly. That's why we're going to list them all here:

Somewhat Common

1. Walk-Up Over Two Floors: $20 per floor If you live in an apartment or condo with no elevator, the first two floors are included. Starting on the 3rd floor, we assess a $20 flat fee per floor  

2. Assemble / Disassemble: $15 per item We encourage customers to disassemble beds, disconnect washers, etc...in advance. We're happy to do so for a fee. The Lead Porter will exercise judgment, unscrewing four bolts to detach a mirror in 90 seconds will not trigger this fee.

3. Short Stay: One Month's Rent If staying a month or less, we do assess a short stay fee equal to one month's rent. We give away so much for free, we need to make up our costs!


4. Long Carry: $30 If the distance from your door to our truck is greater than 200 feet (well over half a football field), we must assess this fee. The most common examples are long walks through parking garages. 

5. Pickups After the 1st: It Depends.If the new items trigger an increase in unit size, the pickup remains free. If it does not trigger a unit upgrade, the second pickup is $35 

6. Partial Unit Deliveries: It Depends If one Porter can do it, $20. If it takes two Porters, and is less than half your unit, $40

7. Late Cancellation / Reschedule: $35 Rescheduling or canceling later than 36 hours prior to your pickup will trigger this fee. Remember, our call center closes at 6pm!

8. No-Show Fee - Pickup: $60 Not showing up, a.k.a ghosting on the day of pickup isn't nice

9. No-Show Fee - Delivery: $100 Not showing up for deliveries is even harder on us, we were planning on sending an empty truck to a job after your delivery!

That's it! Please talk to an agent at 844-976-7837 or by email at hello@myporter.com for any questions or clarification.

Pickup is free. This means the labor, truck, and equipment required to safely transport your items to our facility is included in the first month of rent.

Partial deliveries start at $20. If you only need a few items (e.g., a bike and a couple boxes), and it only takes one Porter to carry, it's a flat $20 fee. If you need a few items, but it takes two Porters to carry (e.g., a sofa and a few boxes), we charge a flat $40 fee.

Anything greater than that is one month's rent. For example, if you have a 5x10 at $79/month, then your delivery fee is $79.

For any fees that could apply to you, please check out our FAQ "what's the catch?" No one likes surprises!

Unfortunately, our Porters are not allowed to help you pack as part of our Free Pickup. You need to be fully packed and ready to go.

However, If you would like packing services, we're happy to provide as an add-on service. We just need to charge for the time. Call us at 844-976-7837!

Yes. We aren't taking any chances with your stuff!

MyPorter is committed to the security and safety of your stored items. All of our Porters are seasoned moving professionals who've undergone extensive background checks and screenings. This means that the people in charge of your items are careful and methodical when packing, transporting, and storing your items. During transit, any fragile or easily damageable items (e.g. furniture, mirrors, glass) are wrapped in heavy cloth pads. All items are also carefully arranged in our vehicles to ensure safe transport.

Our storage facilities are not open to the public and are under 24-hour surveillance. Only our personnel are allowed inside MyPorter facilities. We’ve got it all: cameras, motion detectors, night vision, and alarms.

We also offer $500 of complimentary insurance with no deductible. Additional insurance is also available at affordable rates. Call or chat with us on our website to find out more.

MyPorter provides a huge number of included services at a monthly rate comparable to self-storage. We're confident in the value we provide, and aren't in the business of running seasonal specials or discounts. However, there are two exceptions:

Storage contracts greater than six months will receive a 10% discount off their monthly rate

Storage contracts greater than 12 months will receive a 15% discount off their monthly rate

Storage contracts greater than 18 months will receive a 20% discount off their monthly rate

Up-front payment of storage terms between 3 and 6 months will receive 10% off their monthly rate.

That's it! Please talk to an agent at 844-976-7837 or by email at hello@myporter.com for more details.

Absolutely! We have great prices at www.myporter.supplyside.com

Need To Know

Pickup and Delivery

No commitment! Cancel up to 36 hours in advance with no penalty.

No hidden monthly charges. You only pay your monthly storage fee. That's it!

If you live on the third floor or higher with no elevator, visit our FAQs to learn more.

For a detailed breakdown of our moving and storage process, fees, and other questions visit our FAQs to learn more. We're very meticulous!

Packing / Unpacking

Our full-service storage porters do all the heavy lifting. No need for you to lift a finger! We only ask that you have your boxes packed before we arrive.

Any item requiring disassembly or detachment before it can be safely transported (e.g. bed frame, washing machine), must be disassembled before our porters can move it.

We can provide any disassembly/reassembly services you need for $15 per item.

Have a question, comment, just want to talk? Our call center hours are 8am - 6pm, 7 days a week. You'll always speak to a live person who knows your account!

If you’re looking for the best in Georgia storage rental, you’ve found it with MyPorter. We offer fire safe and climate controlled Buckhead storage. Additionally, the facility is under persistent surveillance. But at MyPorter we believe quality storage service is more than the safe-keeping of customer belongings. That is why we go above and beyond your expectations by providing a full-service storage solution that simplifies the entire process while simultaneously reducing stress and inconvenience.

Save Your Time and Your Money

As a MyPorter customer, you’re simply responsible for packing your possessions—that’s it! MyPorter will handle the lifting, hauling, and storing. Once we securely place your items into our facility, you will be able to access your inventory online through your MyPorter account. This enables you to easily request a particular item be sent back when you need it.

Pricing: Flexible, Like your Needs

With MyPorter, Buckhead storage has never been more accommodating. We understand that your storage needs can alter at a moment’s notice, which is why we have designed a pricing model that provides flexibility and convenience. Regardless if you find yourself needing less space, or more, we will adapt to your needs. MyPorter will never overcharge you for space you aren’t using. In other words, if you remove some of your items from storage, we won’t charge you for the unoccupied space. Instead, we will downgrade your plan and future monthly bills with reflect a lower monthly rate!

Your Items are Safe and Secure

When MyPorter arrives at your residence in Buckhead, you’ll quickly notice a superior level of commitment and care. Our teams are attentive to your needs and handle your possessions with prudence and respect. We treat every one of your items with the utmost care, but before we begin pick-up, the lead porter will inquire about specific handling instruction for items that seem particularly fragile or prone to damage. If you have furniture, glass, or other items that you’d like us to be extra cautious with, don’t be afraid to let us know. Anything that can be easily damaged such as glass will be wrapped in a heavy blanket for an increased layer of protection.

You’ve never seen Georgia storage rental security quite like this. Our state-of-the-art security monitoring includes: staff only admittance, video recording, patrolling police officers, and alarm systems. On top of keeping your possessions free from theft, our climate controlled warehouse will also defend against weather.

More Questions?

Need additional Buckhead storage information or have questions in general about our Georgia storage rental? Please contact customer service online or over the phone at 844-9-PORTER (844-976-7837).