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Focus on building your business, leave Metro-Atlanta logistics to us

Have business, but lacking local infrastructure? MyPorter provides storage and local logistics services for corporate clients in the Greater Atlanta Metro.

Cataloging and storage: Our team can also handle all deliveries to and pick-ups from customers on your company’s behalf.

Your team can also access any of your stored items at our warehouse locations between 7:30am and 7:00pm, 7 days a week (after-hours services are also available if required).

For a custom quote, please contact the MyPorter sales team at 404-549-5106 or email us:

Customer Example: International Massage Chair Rental Company


An international massage chair rental company wanted to use Atlanta as a regional inventory hub. However, they did not want to lease a large warehouse because inventory levels changed constantly.


MyPorter stores the company’s massage chair rental inventory for a monthly fee which is much less than the company having to rent its own warehouse (we charge by the square footage you take up).


All deliveries and pickups are handled by MyPorter’s team of professional movers instead of the company having to coordinate 3rd-party contractors or hire its own team of delivery drivers. Massage chairs undergo a complete inspection for mechanical condition and appearance before leaving the warehouse as well as upon return.

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This is a company that adds kindness, empathy, honesty and professionalism to the efficient service they give to their clients. I give them FIVE STARS!

Fidelia E.

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