How many times have you purchased something and never end up using it? Or, held on to something you haven’t used or worn in years – just in case you might need it again? You aren’t alone. Decluttering can be incredibly difficult. Our belongings are not only practical, but they’re often sentimental.

According to Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist, research confirms that we own too much stuff.

Here are some surprising statistics:

  • In the average American home, there are more than 300,000 items.
  • Americans annually spend $1.2 trillion on nonessential items.
  • Only 3.1 percent of children in the world live in the U.S., but American children own 40 percent of the toys in the world.
  • The average 10-year-old has 238 toys, but only plays with 12 daily.
  • American women own 30 outfits, on average. That figure was nine in 1930.
  • On average, American families spend $1,700 on clothes annually.

Clutter fills our closets and drawers, and then spills into our guest bedrooms, offices, attics and garages, disrupting the function of our space.

According to Psychology Today, there are also many mental wellness benefits to decluttering your space. Organizing and cleaning is energizing and leads to a sense of confidence and self-efficacy, making you feel as though you’ve truly accomplished something. It can also reduce anxiety and relationship or family tension. Though it may not be obvious, clutter can create a lot of stress. People prefer order and symmetry, but clutter makes your space feel scattered and disorganized. Lastly, you’ll often find things in your clutter that you thought you’d lost, which can boost your mood and increase energy for tackling the rest of your mess.

One deterrent to decluttering that many face is simply the time it takes to sort through our many belongings. To help, let the professional team from MyPorter, a highly rated storage and moving company in Atlanta, pack and itemize all of your unused items. We offer on-demand storage and pickup options, eliminating the extra time and effort required to haul away your clutter.

Another decluttering hurdle is that “just in case” feeling. What if I need this again someday? The beauty of storage services is that you don’t have to let go of everything, but you can get it out of your space. MyPorter’s online inventory system allows you to request delivery of your goods at the click of a button, making it easy to get that item back quickly without it taking up space in your home.

Parting with our things can be surprisingly emotional for many. Investing in storage services is a happy medium between getting rid of your items completely and having them clutter your life.