Short-Term Inventory Storage

MyPorter helps trucking companies and long-distance / international moving companies with their short-term storage needs

Trucking Solutions:

  • Rejected / damaged order storage – MyPorter can unload and store pallets of rejected / damaged orders on short notice so that you can get your trucks back on the road
  • MyPorter can also provide longer-term inventory storage if needed

Moving Companies:

  • MyPorter can store safely store inventory for long-distance / international moves in our 7’x 5’x 7.5’ storage vaults until you’re ready to deliver to your client
  • Or, we can provide white-labeled long-term storage services on your behalf (no need to lease a full warehouse!)
  • Free up your trucks to do additional jobs!
  • MyPorter can also provide longer-term storage for your clients if needed
For a custom quote, please contact the MyPorter sales team at 404-549-5106 or email us:

Customer Example: International Moving Company


The client’s existing warehouse had approached full capacity, but they did not have enough current volume to justify leasing or buying an entire new warehouse.


MyPorter worked with the mover to provide vaulting and storage of their customers’ goods on a white-labeled basis and provides access to the customer as needed.


MyPorter also worked out a storage revenue sharing agreement with the mover which limited their exposure.

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This is a company that adds kindness, empathy, honesty and professionalism to the efficient service they give to their clients. I give them FIVE STARS!

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