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How It Works

We Pack Up

Our Porters can help you pack. They can also photograph and catalog your items so you don’t forget what you’re storing!

We Pick Up

Leave the hard work to our Porters. They’ll wrap, handle, and transport your belongings with care.

We Store

We store your items safely in our secure facility, monitored by alarm, night vision cameras, and motion sensors

We Bring It Back

Schedule a delivery online and we’ll meet you at your door with the items you need back.

Yep, it's that simple!

Let us do the work while you focus on “studying”
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5x15 Storage Space

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10x10 Storage Space

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10x12.5 Storage Space

(Off Campus Apartment Sized)

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10x15 Storage Space

(Large Apartment Sized

$_ _ _/month

Need help sizing your unit or planning your move? Speak to a moving and storage expert to iron out the details


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Amazing! Blake and Quinton were very helpful and moved ALL my furniture less than an hour. Friendly and paid attention to detail on which items were what. If you are in need of a fast move and great customer service, MyPorter is the BEST company to assist! Thanks again guys! — Briana L.

These guys went above and beyond to help me move, they went out of their way to make sure everything was in perfect condition. Great customer service. 10/10 would def recommend MyPorter. — Esther L.

This is the best service ever. They were attentive, professional and very careful with our things. They had solutions to some of our packing dilemmas and worked consistently to get the job done. I am so glad I chose this company. They are a great moving and storage resource. — Rosalyn P.


What is MyPorter?

MyPorter is a full-service storage company that manages the pickup, storage, and retrieval of your extra stuff. MyPorter comes to you so that you never have to deal with the frustration and inconvenience of using a self-storage facility a few miles away from your school

MyPorter comes to your dorm room or off-campus apartment with an experienced team of Porters (Movers) to pack and inventory your items.

Whenever you want one or more of your items, simply log in to your MyPorter account and schedule a delivery. We’ll bring your items back to your home and arrange them how you like!

How is MyPorter different from self-storage?
With traditional self-storage units, security is not guaranteed, and you have to do all the work. It’s up to you to pack and organize your belongings, and you have to remember what’s in your storage unit. Not only does MyPorter provide secure storage for your items, MyPorter makes storage easy by doing all the lifting, driving, packing and itemizing for you.
How is MyPorter different from other student storage options?
The biggest difference is that MyPorter operates in Atlanta 24/7/365. Unlike other storage options aimed at students, you aren’t limited to a specific set of days to be picked up in the Spring or dropped off in the Fall. If you want to leave early or come back late, we can accommodate. Live off-campus? We store 5+ bedroom houses, picking up and storing your off-campus apartment or house professionally is a breeze for us.

Need longer stays for study abroad? We can handle that too and give discounts for stays 6 months or more!

Finally, we’re always available for a call if you need us! We’re based in Atlanta and have real, live, and helpful people to help you sort out any complex arrangements.

How do I get started using MyPorter?
Simple! Schedule a pick-up date and time in your profile, after you sign up here. Or call us at 844-9-PORTER (844-976-7837) and we can schedule your pick-up up over the phone. When you need some or all of your items delivered, simply go online and request a delivery! Relax and enjoy all that newfound space you have, knowing access to your stuff is only a click away!
What schools do you service?
We currently service all colleges in the Greater Atlanta MetroPlex.
Can you clarify pickup and delivery pricing for me?
We charge $60/hour (one hour minimum) for on-site labor and a $65 flat charge for gas/mileage. Given that $99% of students take less than one hour, the standard pickup charge is $125.

Deliveries are priced in the same way.

What's the catch?
Very little 🙂

We don’t like surprises at MyPorter and we aren’t going to bring up a fee buried in our Terms of Service that you may not have reviewed thoroughly. That’s why we’re going to list them all here:

1. Short Stay: One Month’s Rent If staying 35 days or less, we do assess a short stay fee equal to one month’s rent. We give away so much for free, we need to make up our costs! Example: if you’re in a 5×10 at $79/month, and you stay for less than 35 days – your storage  is $79 (1st Month rent) and $79 (Short Stay Fee).  So your costs for storage would be $158. Moving is provided at a heavily discounted rate for storage customers!

 2. Late Cancellation / Reschedule: $35 Rescheduling or canceling later than 36 hours prior to your pickup will trigger this fee. Remember, our call center closes at 6pm!

3. No-Show Fee – Pickup: $60 Not showing up, a.k.a ghosting on the day of pickup isn’t nice.

4. No-Show Fee – Delivery: $100 Not showing up for deliveries is even harder on us. We were planning on sending an empty truck to a job after your delivery!

5. Specialized Items: Some items, like pianos, require special equipment to move. Please call us at 844-976-7837 to learn more!

That’s it! Please talk to an agent at 844-976-7837 or by email at for any questions or clarification.

Are my items safe?
Yes. We aren’t taking any chances with your stuff! MyPorter is committed to the security and safety of your stored items. All of our Porters are seasoned moving professionals who’ve undergone extensive background checks and screenings. This means that the people in charge of your items are careful and methodical when packing, transporting, and storing your items. During transit, any fragile or easily damageable items (e.g. furniture, mirrors, glass) are wrapped in heavy cloth pads. All items are also carefully arranged in our vehicles to ensure safe transport.

Our storage facilities are open to the public by appointment only (and always escorted by a manager) and are under 24-hour surveillance. Only our personnel are allowed inside MyPorter facilities. We’ve got it all: cameras, motion detectors, night vision, and alarms.

Does MyPorter offer discounts?

MyPorter provides a huge number of included services at a monthly rate comparable to self-storage. We’re confident in the value we provide, and aren’t in the business of running seasonal specials or discounts. However, there are two exceptions:

Storage contracts greater than six months will receive a 10% discount off their monthly rate

Storage contracts greater than 12 months will receive a 12% discount off their monthly rate

Up-front payment of storage terms between 3 and 6 months will receive 10% off their monthly rate.

That’s it! Please talk to an agent at 844-976-7837 or by email at for more details.

Can I buy storage and moving supplies from you?
Absolutely! We have great prices at

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